Zone marker – Print PDF transparency

One of the unique feature of gCADPlus landscape design software is its ability to set the transparency of filled entities such as circles. The figure below shows part of a rather detailed design for a food garden that features a greenhouse in one corner of the plot. A block (symbol) is used as a zone indicator and is shown overlaying the location of the greenhouse. This draws the viewers eye to that structure.

YouTube movie Here we show that a block symbol containing a filled circle entity with a low value for transparency can be used with good effect to indicate zones within a landscape design. As yet we have not been able to find a ‘proper’ PDF writer that will print entities that are filled with color and with the transparency value set to less than 100%, we use the in-built gCADPlus SaveAsPDF tool to produce an acceptable shaded PDF file. When generating PDF files in this way, we suggest starting with a medium resolution setting – one that produces and acceptable result – rather than selecting the maximum resolution. If you are working with a very detailed design, and choose maximum resolution, gCADPlus may crash.

If you would like a copy of the symbol, click here to download it.