Work efficiently with CAD

We would hope that by this stage of this course, you have developed your design consultancy to a reasonably high level. We have had a number of inquiries from designers who would like some tips on improving CAD drafting efficiency when presenting designs. The movies here are aimed at doing just that and culminate in the production of a series of PDF files from the design shown below. This image courtesy of the team at AW Landscape Design

Part 1.

YouTube movie In this movie, we show that significant gains in productivity are possible when plant symbols are assigned with records in the gCADPlus plant database file before they are inserted into the drawing. We show how quick and easy it then is to create a plant schedule using these pre-assigned symbols. We then demonstrate how the GoToSpp command is used to take advantage of the link between a species symbol in the design and the corresponding entry in an SppDb database that’s running in parallel with gCADPlus. Building a layout sheet with images of species used in the design is then a simple matter of copying a link from SppDb and copying it into the gCADPlus image manager. Finally, we show that a novel title block used by this team uses attributes to provide more flexibility in labeling layout sheets.

Part 2.

YouTube movie Here we show that from a single landscape plan created in modelspace, a range of layout sheets to suit different purposes can be created. Since clients require a high-resolution print, we first ensure that there are no symbols containing transparent settings in the drawing and then print the design 1:1 using CutePDF writer. We experiment with changing the default line weight settings to get a very fine printed line presentation in Adobe Acrobat Reader, The design team responsible for this plan also has a need to work with their landscape construction group. To that end, they use the gCADPlus AUTOLABEL tool to create a separate layout sheet showing the location of each plant specimen with an identifying code in the center of a circle. The more elaborate symbols shown to the client in the earlier presentation are not displayed on this sheet.

Part 3.

YouTube movie There is often a need to print a landscape design on a large sheet for presentation to the client. Although the inclusion of a scalebar can be used by the client in order to measure from the drawing, printing to a fixed scale is normally advantageous. Most designers will use A2 sheets in the metric world and ARCH C sheets in the USA Imperial system. Here we show how to set a fixed 1-50 scale to a floating viewport. We then add a title block to this new sheet and include a statement to the block that the scale is 1-50.

Part 4.

YouTube movie This movie focuses on providing clients with comprehensive information about the species used in the design. We show how to use the text-align and entity-align tools to create one or more layout sheets featuring images. We then export the automatically generated plant list to a csv (Excel) file that can be imported into SppDb, the companion standalone plant database application that can be called from gCADPlus.