Benefits of CAD Drafting

Please use the link below to download a paper that we have written that sets out the benefits of using CAD software in the hands of a landscape designer. 

Landscape Design and CAD

Image files This movie introduces the world of computer aided landscape drafting and compare the process to hand drafting.

To sum up when using CAD to produce your designs rather than hand drafting:

  • You work full size when designing. Concern about scale comes later.
  • The mouse or touch pad is used to zoom in and pan about to display different views of your design.
  • We suggest that the Properties window is kept visible at the left of the drawing editor while drafting as it displays the actual size of entities selected together with a wealth of other information.
  • When using CAD and unlike hand drafting, you don’t not need to draw every symbol from scratch. A large set of pre-drawn symbols are available.
  • The SCALE tool can be used to change the size of a selected symbol.
  • A drawing can contain layers. These can be switched on or off at will, displaying more or less of the design. This ability is especially useful when printing a design.
  • Symbols can be associated with particular plant species and will display in the properties box when selected.
  • It is possible to automatically generate a plant schedule showing the species name and the exact number of all plants used in the design. It changes are made, the plant schedule can be refreshed and will show count changes.