Webinar program

We are planning to run a series of webinars on YouTube Live for existing gCADPlus users. Here is a list of topics. We welcome suggestions of others.

  • Creating your own plant symbols
  • Why has autosave been dropped?
  • Assigning symbols to database entries when symbol already assigned.
  • Join (concatenating) gcp files with cmd or Excel
  • Editing plant symbols on the fly.
  • Comparing standard symbols with sized symbols
  • Check a drawing file for errors and how to fix them.
  • Saving as PDF – when printing the measurements are not accurate
  • Is there a way we can set up our own template and not use your existing layers?  I would like a clean slate so that we create our own template just with a few layers that we use.
  • We do a lot of copying and pasting between plans which might be useful information
  • We have started using the boundary tool a lot more
  • Hatching especially a shape within a shape is good to know
  • Colour and transparencies
  • I would be interested to see how other people do their title blocks