Plotting and Printing

Plotting/printing gCADPlus landscape design drawings can be tricky, especially if you are just starting out.

We are sometimes asked the question “Why is the print/plot result is not correctly scaled. If you follow the steps set out below, print/plot is actually very easy.

1. Set Your Units!

The first rule is to set your base drawing unit correctly and draw with that unit. The best approach is to use an appropriate template for your drawing when starting a new design. If you use metric, then use a metric template and if working in decimal feet as your base unit, use an Imperial template.

Tip: gCADPlus only recognizes two units when plotting: inch for use in the USA and mm for use in the metric world.

Tip: We offer a metric version of gCADPlus and an Imperial version. Both work in an identical fashion. The only difference being when importing plant symbols from the library. Imperial symbols are inserted at 3 feet in diameter and metric symbols are 1000 mm in diameter. The symbol can of course be scaled once placed.

The best approach is to draw full size in model space in your chosen base units and print/plot from a layout page set to the paper size you require. To reiterate, print/plot from a layout page, not from model space because it is easier to understand and easier to manage.

2. Set Your Page/Layout

Once the design is complete, via the Format drop menu, create a new layout using the Layout Manager to choose an appropriate page size. This action will create a layout with a floating viewport as shown below.

We created this layout by choosing an A2 page – it’s a real paper size – 594 mm wide by 420 mm wide. That’s the sheet you see against a dark background. the next step is to print this page.

3: Printing

Use File > Print

We use scale 1:1 when print/plot. The only scaling we will do is scaling our objects’ view inside viewports.

Set values below:

  1. Your printer/plotter type and sheet size.
  2. On what to plot, select Layout.
  3. Ensure plot scale 1:1.
3. Setup Your Title Block

Now you should see your real paper size. The dashed rectangle is the area where your printable area. Place your title block here. You can insert existing title block if you already have one, or draw a new one. Remember, this is 1:1 scale. So if you want to have 3mm height text, use 3mm as it heights.


4. Place Viewports and Set the Scale

Now we are ready to place our viewport. You can place it by clicking new in view tab, viewports section, new icon. Or you can use viewport configuration.

5.  Print it!

Activate printing via the File menu or standard toolbar.

Everything should be ready now, but check it first by seeing the preview.

Tip: Some gCADPlus users actually don’t care about units. When they insert blocks with incorrect unit, it’s kind of messy. They have to rescale it manually. And this might sound weird, but some of them actually draw it by scaling it, just like drawing it manually on paper.