gCADPlus on an iMac

Landscape designers can use gCADPlus on a Mac. Since gCADPlus is Windows software, some type of Windows emulation software needs to run concomitantly on your Mac. We favor emulation software called CrossOver, but have also used other alternatives such as Parallels and Fusion. The image below shows the USA (Imperial) version of gCADPlus and CrossOver running on our iMac which is using the High Sierra operating system. More about gCADPlus.

Use gCADPlus on a Mac

Purge symbolsHere is a small movie that introduces the software interface using the metric version of gCADPlus. We use a template to help get started and import a plant symbol from the symbol library. We are then aided by some tools to drawing our first line of an accurately defined length and save (file) the developing design. We discuss the various types of files used by gCADPlus. Designs are always stored with the filename – .lcd, but as the design develops, a backup file (with the extension .bak), and an autosave file with the extension .lc$ to the filename are available. This provides several levels of data protection. An increment and save feature is also available.

Reclaiming a .bak or .lc$ file

There may be a reason you want to work with one of these saved files. In order to do that, both the .bak and .lc$ files need to be renamed removing the .bak or lc$ extension and given the extension .lcd. Use the ‘Your Computer’ tool to do that. We suggest that rather than using the .bak or .lc$ file and rename it directly, you work on a copy of either backup files and rename it to something like MyRecoveredFile.lcd. Once you are satisfied that you have the complete recovered file, please start using the incremental save feature from time to time in case the gCADPlus drawing contains a gremlin (see below).

Incremental save

In our view, the best tool to use when saving your gCADPlus drawings is the incremental save tool that’s found on the standard toolbar. This tool, as the name implies, saves a drawing and adds a version number. If used while working on our theoretical drawing called MyNewDesign.lcd the original file is left unchanged and the newly saved drawing becomes MyNewDesign01.lcd. The file name increments by one each time the tool is used – MyNewDesign01.lcd, MyNewDesign02.lcd etc. This is particularly useful when following a particular design solution only to find that it does not work out and you want to return to an earlier version.

 This movie shows how to use the incremental backup tool.