Upload PDF

Preparing a suitable base plan for a landscape plan can be a time consuming job. There are occasions where a builder provides a base plan in PDF form. An example is shown below – viewed in Acrobat Reader. YouTube movie

gCADPlus has a built in tool to place PDF files found on the Tools drop menu. The tool allsows you to browse to the location of the PDF file and attempts to convert the PDF to an image file and paste it into gCADPlus.

Sometimes the tool fails (not all PDF files are made in the same way), giving the warning message below.

If that happens, use one of the online PDF to image converters Here is one such link:


It is just a matter of uploading the file and download the converted file. It is delivered as a Zip file so you may need to install a free tool called 7Zip to unpack the image.

Here is the resultant image file.

It is now in jpg form and ready to place in the gCADPlus environment using Draw > Raster Image

Insert the image at coordinate 0,0 and a resolution of 300 (in this instance)

Here is the result after a zoom extents.

The image needs to be scaled. Pick one of the longer dimensions and use the DISTANCE tool and record the value.

In the example below, a distance of 9098 mm reads 60.908 with the distance command. So a scale factor of 9098/60.908 = 159.37 is needed Use the inbuilt gCADPlus calculator if required.


Select the image, right click and choose scale. As a base point, pick the bottom left handle of the image and then type the scale factor.

Finally, check that the distance command now gives accurate real world values.

Finally, put the image on its own layer and begin tracing the boundaries and building footprint. You will end up with a full size, accurate base plan.