Upgrade gCADPlus

Since gCADPlus is developing at quite a rapid pace and as upgrades are free of charge, we encourage you to upgrade your copy in order to gain the benefits of new versions. Here are instructions describing how to upgrade gCADPlus.

Tip: It is a good idea to keep an eye on the gCADPlus Facebook page for the latest information about gCADPlus. See https://www.facebook.com/gCADPlus/

Upgrade gCADPlus  How to uninstall and upgrade gCADPlus. [The movie covers Windows 10 and version 9.4 of gCADPlus]

Upgrade gCADPlus In this movie we show how to upgrade gCADPlus on a computer running Windows 10, first by saving valuable data, then uninstalling the application, removing the gCADPlus folder under My Documents, downloading the setup file (as a zip file) expanding and installing the new version. We spend some time showing the new features of ver. gCADPlus 10.1.

Steps to take:

1. Use the About gCADPlus box found on the Help drop down menu to check the current release number of your copy of gCADPlus against the version currently available for download.

2. Make sure that you can find the original email with details of the user name and activation code for gCADPlus. There is just a chance that you may have to re-enter those.

3. Make sure that you have a backup copy of your complete store of CAD drawings.

Tip: Make sure that the backup includes any .gcp files that you may have created, especially those in the folder gCADPlus under the My Documents or Documents folder. Backup any templates that you may have added to gCADPlus. These are found in Documents>Data>Templates.

4. Uninstall the existing version of gCADPlus via ‘All Programs’, selecting the Uninstall option via the Windows Start button. This can also be done via Control Panel (right click on the Windows 10 logo at bottom left of screen).

After removal of gCADPlus, check that the gCADPlus folder in My Documents folder has also been removed. If not, delete it. You might also check in the Program Files directory for a gCADPlus folder. If present, remove it.

5. Visit the Tryout page of this gCADPlus web site and download the new version of gCADPlus. Select either the .exe or .7z format. Note that some virus protection software may block exe files. If so download in .7z format. You will need a copy of 7Zip to unzip the 7z file. Just search for 7Zip in your browser. [7Zip is free software.] Store the file in your downloads folder, the desktop or a local folder on the C: drive such as C:\Temp and install (run) it. You should not need to enter information on user name and access code again. If you do, you have made sure they are at hand before removing your current copy of gCADPlus!

Link to downloads page

Tip: Some new features of gCADPlus may not work if you fail to uninstall your existing copy before installing the new version.