Upgrade gCADPlus under CrossOver

YouTube movie How to remove and upgrade an existing copy of gCADPlus on a Mac running under CrossOver. We first run the gCADPlus uninstall script, then remove the gCADPlus CrossOver bottle and then (after downloading the latest version of gCADPlus to the downloads folder) install a new gCADPlus bottle.

YouTube movie How to upgrade a copy of gCADPlus that’s running on a Mac under Crossover. After backing up all important project files from previous jobs, we log the CrossOver bottle collections window, find the gCADPlus uninstall shortcut, run it to remove gCADPlus. Once that’s done, we remove the existing gCADPlus bottle. The current gCADPlus setup file is downloaded from the web site as a .zip file and downloaded to the Mac downloads folder. The Mac automatically unzips the file revealing the gCADPlus setup exe file. The install software option is chosen from the top Configure menu of the CrossOver screen and a new bottle with the upgraded gCADPlus is created.