Transparent symbols

We have made a palette of the symbols used to make the drawing shown below. Individual symbols have been grouped into various colour groups.

Click on the image below to download the set of symbols that’s useful for quickly preparing concept plans.

Tip: Your ability to produce exceptionally high-quality prints from designs carrying transparent symbols is limited, you will need to use the File >SaveAs PDF tool rather than printing to a PDF writer such as CutePDF. We do not think that this is a major limitation.


Rather than add more and more symbols (blocks) to the gCADPlus setup file and make it unwieldy, we have developed a series of palettes that allow extra symbols to be added to gCADPlus. Each link under the image of the palette allows users to download a single gCADPlus file. Once downloaded, use the BLOCKS command (or File > Insert and then use the browse option to locate the new file and insert it while working on your current design.

Tip: When using a palette of symbols, it is a good idea to explode the incoming drawing so you can immediately see and use the new symbols. Drag into position and scale if required.

This small movie shows how to download a palette to add extra symbols to gCADPlus and use it to develop a design.

Here is the link to download a copy of this palette suitable for use in the metric environment.

Users in the USA can also use the symbol set but will need to scale symbols down by 0.02.

Each symbol follows the gCADPlus convention and is 1 meter (1000 mm) wide in canopy diameter. The graphic elements have been placed on layer L-PLNT-SYMBOL. There is an additional layer – L-PLNT-CONSTRUCTION that can be turned on (and the L-PLNT-SYMBOL) layer turned off for the production of construction drawings. The figure below shows a concept plan where these symbols have been used.