Rendering designs

Some gCADPlus users like to give their drawings a hand drawn look and feel. Two main approaches are used by gCADPlus users.

Print a design and hand finish

The team at Alison Gardiner Landscapes have developed an interesting technique when presenting a design to a client. They use gCADPlus to prepare the design, add numerous images in a layout sheet to illustrate design concepts and print on a large format sheet. The sheet is then hand colored giving the team the benefit of CAD drafting together with the flair and personality of hand finishing. Check out more of their work on Instagram especially some great work in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Search for alison_gardiner_landscapes.

Hand drawn landscape designs

Use paint application software.

Print the design to high quality PDF using a PDF writer such as CutePDF.

Load the resultant PDF into Acrobat Reader. View full screen and capture the screen as a grab.

Start IrfanView and paste the captured image. Crops where necessary and sharpen the image. The result is shown below.

Hybrid image

Next load the image into a paint application. Here is the image above in Artweaver, a free paint application and embellish the image.


Here is the result.