Text in layout tabs too small

We have had a message from a gCADPlus user working in the Windows environment who found that after purchasing a new computer with a high-resolution 4k monitor when using gCADPlus, the text on the layout tabs was too small and could not be read easily.

Changing the screen resolution from the 4k maximum to 2560×1440 resolved the problem and our user reported that it’s nice to see all of the tabs clearly.

A second gCADPlus user reports that he has just purchased a new Microsoft Surface computer. He has a similar issue. The text in the status line is cramped and almost illegible. The Surface computer has a default resolution of 2736 by 1824 pixels and that is the recommended setting to run Windows applications. He reduced the resolution to 2048 x 1536 and gCADPlus worked fine.

Because he works professionally with gCADPlusand has a large external monitor. When he connected the external screen and dragged the window holding gCADPlus to the large monitor, he was able to reset the resolution back to the default value. and work comfortably with gCADPlus on the large screen (2) and his email and other documents on the Surface computer.