Leader command

A leader is a dimension entity that creates a line that connects annotation to a feature such as a symbol indication a plant species or some hardscape element.

The tool is selected from the dimension drop box or from the dimension toolbar. Once activated, you draws a leader line segment to the point specified using the current dimension style. The current text style inside the dimension style determines how the text is displayed.By varying the dimension style, it is possible to controls the way the leader is drawn and whether it has an arrowhead (or type of arrowhead).

Leader command Use the Leader command to apply short notes and identify features in drawings.

Leader option Simple techniques for labeling symbols in a landscape plan. We start by using single line text and placing text in the middle of a symbol. Then the value of using a leader to annotate a landscape design is demonstrated by changing the type of end symbol in the leader.

Adjust leader settings

Leader option Leaders are often used in landscape drawings to indicate species and hardscape elements. We illustrate the many forms a leader can take in landscape design work and explain the interaction between the current dimension style and the resultant leader.