Support Vouchers

There are times when individual gCADPlus users would like some support on particular issues. Here is an example of one such request:

“I am having trouble with layers, I cannot seem to delete unwanted layers using the layers manager. I inserted a planting schedule by accident and it created a whole bunch of unwanted layers, I have since deleted the schedule, but the layers remain, when I try to delete them I get a dialog box saying cannot delete the current layer or layers containing objects. I have had a similar problem in the past trying to delete inactive layers that I am certain do not contain any objects. Could you please advise what I am doing wrong here.”

We are happy to help but do need to charge for this. Support tickets/vouchers can be purchased. Each voucher entitles you to a support effort that can be up to an hour-long effort on our part. We would prefer you email us first with a description of the problem and attach a copy of the gCADPlus file (lcd format – not a PDF). If we think we can help, purchase one or more support tickets.

We can offer ‘over-the-shoulder’ support using screen sharing software.  Puchase support vouchers using the shopping cart links below. Vouchers cost $AUD50.00