Start a new drawing

Here are the steps on how to start a new drawing in gCADPlus:

  1. Launch gCADPlus: Open the program from your computer’s Start menu or a desktop shortcut.
  2. Access the drop-down “File” menu: Click on the “File” tab located in the top left corner of the gCADPlus interface.
  3. Select “New”: Within the “File” menu, choose the “New” option to initiate the creation of a new drawing.
  4. Choose a template (optional): If you desire a pre-formatted layout, you can select a suitable template from the available options. gCADPlus offers various templates, including:
    • Default template (a blank drawing)
    • Funky template (contains landscape elements)

Tip: Start with a blank drawing (if no template is needed): If you wish to begin with a clean workspace, simply choose the “Default” template or proceed without selecting any template.

  • Confirm creation: Click “OK” or “Open” to establish the new drawing.

YouTube movie Here is a little movie that shows how to start gCADPlus, choose a template populated with some plant symbols, check the space available for a design, drag some symbols into position, create a small courtyard, and alter the length of one side. We choose a second template and confirm that symbols can be tagged to entries in a plant database file.