Most gCADPlus users aim to improve drafting efficiency over time. A number of one and two letter keystrokes can be used as shortcuts used to start various gCADPlus commands. The ControlClick technique can also help speed drafting.

Draw commands

L – starts the LINE command

PL – starts the POLYLINE command

ML – starts the MULTILINE command

RECT – starts the RECTANGLE command

A – starts the ARC command

I – starts the INSERT command

C – starts the CIRCLE command

EL – starts the ELLIPSE command

T – starts the TEXT command

MT – starts the MTEXT command

B – starts the BLOCK command

Modify commands

E – starts the ERASE command

CO – starts the COPY command

M – starts the MOVE command

RO – starts the ROTATE command

DI – starts the DIVIDE command

MP – starts the MATCHPROP command

AO – starts the ALIGN OBJECTS command

AT – starts the ALIGN TEXT command

FT – starts the FIND TEXT command


FS – starts command to show file size (result shown in the command area)

ID – shows Cartesian coordinates of location

IL – isolate a layer

Right click menu items when entity selected

Right click menu when nothing selected

Other Control key option

UNDO – Control + Z

REDO – Control + Y

CUT – Control + X

COPY – Control + C

PASTE – – Control + V