Selecting & manipulating entities

gCADPlus to SketchUp When using gCADPlus, it is important to understand the use of various methods of selecting entities. Many drafters do not completely understand that when they ‘pick’ an item(s) in a drawing using their pointing device, they are creating what is called a selection set. There are many ways to create a selection set. Once a selection set is created, it can be manipulated in different ways often shortening drafting effort.

Direct selection

This is the simplest method of selecting an entity – just pick it with the left button of the mouse. The entity is highlighted (in a magenta color) and its properties are shown in the Properties box window at the left of screen. Press the right mouse button while the entity is selected and editing commands such as copy, move, rotate, scale, mirror, explode, join, erase and edit block can be quickly selected.

Window selection

You can use a Window-inside or Window-Crossing option to select more than one entity at the same time. The way a selection rectangle is formed – the direction in which you define the points of the rectangle (left-to-right or right-to-left) determines which type of window you create – inside or crossing. This will greatly influence entities that are gathered in the election set. These two methods of selecting entities are illustrated below.

Window inside – only entities completely inside the selection box are highlighted and ready for editing.

Window crossing – any entity crossed by the selection box is highlighted and ready for editing.

The value of the Properties box

No matter how you work, the Properties box is a useful aid when selecting entities. If a single entity is selected, as the name implies, the Properties box lists provides information in the box about the entity – its type, x and y coordinates, layer, color and so on. Each of these can be altered simply by typing a new value in the box.

When several entities are selected, the Properties box changes its appearance and tells you the total number selected. It is possible to scroll down the list of entities, filter and display information on each entity type in turn.