Rocks & Walls

Add extra symbols for rocks and walls.

Rather than adding more and more symbols (blocks) to the gCADPlus setup file and making it unwieldy, we have developed a series of palettes. Each is a single drawing containing many individual symbols. The links below (under the figures) can be used to enhance your copy of gCADPlus by adding new symbols for perennial species. Click on the image and download a single gCADPlus file. Then use the BLOCKS command (or File > Insert) to browse to the file location and insert the drawing (or symbols within the drawing) into your current design.

Tip: If you want to insert the whole drawing, it is a good idea to explode the incoming drawing so you can use individual symbols. These can then be dragged into position. Make sure to clean out unwanted symbols when your design is ‘put to bed’. This saves on disk space. Use Tools > Purge or the BLOCKS command to remove unwanted blocks. 



Click here to download a metric version of the rocks palette. If you are working in the Imperial USA environment, please click here.