Revision History

A brief history of recent changes to gCADPlus.

V 10.2 – current 2020

Major improvement to hatching. It is now possible to point to an area that needs hatching and gCADPlus radiates out and finds a suggested boundary. A polyline is created automatically at the boundary.

Added extra symbols and palettes.

If spacing in a leader is altered, it is now remembered when the drawing file is closed and reopened. A default value now set to 0.5 for improved clarity.

PDF generated from gCADPlus can now be color enhanced using IrfanView.

V 10.1

Now shows a count of number of objects have been removed by the purge objects command (PURGEX)? That gives feedback that the drawing file has been cleaned.

Improve the “Select a plant” dialog box when setting plant species name to symbol. Selection of a plant species from the attached gcp file is now much easier.

Fix made to rare bug. If users start a new drawing and use the BLOCKS command to insert a drawing containing nested blocks, all works well. If however, they insert a second drawing that also contains internal blocks with the same names, gCADPlus crashes and restarts. That no longer occurs.

Added a link to the FILESIZE command on the File drop menu. Users can now check the size of the drawing that they are working on with a single click.

Made improvements to the SMARTLABEL tool. If a white background is in use, the label now shows more clearly.

V 10.0

We have implemented a common request from users to allow gCADPlus to snap to handles inside a block. Previously, it was only possible to snap to the insertion point of a block.

If text in a leader covers multiple lines it is now possible to adjust the line spacing.

When generating PDFs out of gCADPlus can cause to gCADPlus fail. We have increased the resolution – a new max option is now available. This provides a reasonably high-quality PDF ready for enhancement in image editors if required.

We have improved the sort options in the Properties box. When a user selects a mixed group of entities with (say) polylines and circles and text in the mix, it is possible to choose (say) circles from the set operate on them (the circles), we highlight the entity that’s been chosen in light green.

Improvements to TEXTALIGN command. Previous versions required users to select each piece of text in turn. It is now possible to use a window to select multiple text entities.