Print species data

It is possible to print a PDF file showing detailed information about species used in a gCADPlus design by exporting data to SppDb.

Metric demo We export gCADPlus plant schedule information to a CSV file, switch to SppDb and print a PDF file containing details and images of all species used in the design.

The steps are:

Make sure that you have created a plant schedule for the design using the ‘Draw plant schedule’ tool.

Choose “Extract plant schedule’ from the gCADPlus drop down menu. Save the information (from the plant schedule) as a csv file.

Switch to SppDb, the companion plant database tool that’s designed to work with gCADPlus.

Use File > Import CSV. This tags each species used in the design (and marks the record with a red border as shown below.


Then use File > Print tagged entries. If you want to maximize the size of the image, choose A3 as the page size. Here is a sample of the output.

Print CSV