Purge symbols Here are the steps to take when using the ‘Follow me’ tool in SketchUp to draw a series of pots ready for future landscape plans.

File > New

Adjust model to suit either metric or Imperial units.

Erase the mannequin model, but dont change the zoom factor.

Select the iso view with perspective on.

Draw circle in the red/green plane with center at the origin. This determines the path about which your shape will be rotated. Make the circle the size of the pot. Example radius 175 mm.

Move circle down in the -Z direction. Suggested distance 450 mm.

Draw a rectangle slightly larger than the intended pot size in the red/green plane – it sits on its end.


Now draw the profile on the face. Start by drawing a line of the same length (175 mm) from the origin on this new face. Continue along to draw the profile.

FollowMe part2

Offset the profile by the intended wall thickness.


Remove extraneous entities.

Select path (the circle) and then the follow me tool to create the (rather large) pot.

pot 4

It is always a good idea to test your model. Here is a view of a group of pots including this one in a landscape setting

Model courtyard

Tip: You may wish to reduce the number of faces in the profile before running the follow me tool. This can improve performance of your model without impacting its appearance.