Point entities in symbols

A point is one of the fundamental entities in gCADPlus. The Draw > Point sequence places a point located by the left click of the mouse. When that’s done, a point marker should appear at that location. The form of the marker is dictated by a setting under Format > Point Styles and the color, layer etc. by the current settings shown in the Properties box.

Tip: The point command repeats Automatically so use Esc to cancel after the point(s) has been placed. 

Image files Construction teams do not need to work from a full color print of a designer’s plan. All that’s needed is a circle with a cross in the center and a piece of text indicating the name of the species to be planted at that spot. If the location is market with a cross, any rotation of the symbol will also rotate the cross. Better to use the point entity and set the properties of the point to show a cross with a size equivalent to 1.5% of screen height. Symbols can then be rotated at will and the point marker stays in position and displays as it should.