Plant Schedules

Landscape designers find that preparing plant schedules is one of their most tedious drafting jobs. Moreover, counting the number of instances of a symbol in a design and assigning correct botanical names is prone to errors. The figure below shows a typical schedule, but every designer will have their own favorite layout style for the schedule. Here we include some links to movies showing how to prepare plant schedules. The focus is on tools in gCADPlus that automate this preparation of a plant schedules.

Scandinavian plant schedule

The list above is quite simple. However, it is possible to put more information into a custom schedule. The list below shows the addition of TYPE and CODE data.

YouTube movie This movie shows the creation  a plant database file of species suitable for southern Texas and it’s then used it to tag symbols in a simple design. We then run the automated plant schedule tool in gCADPlus to count the number of instances of each species required for the design and the tool draws the plant schedule and we show how to move it into position on a new C size layout sheet.

Plant Schedule

Prepare plant schedules

Make plant schedule Here we show how gCADPlus automates one of the most tedious tasks in the production of landscape CAD drawings. Using two different designs, we show how to automate and customize the generation of a plant schedule.

Make plant schedule  This movies show a design for an enclosed courtyard created using gCADPlus. After assigning each species symbol to an entry in a database file we draw a plant schedule. Each species used in the design is accurately counted and is updated when changes are made to the design.