A gCADPlus symbol standard

This page provides some background information for users who want to make new plant symbols that behave similarly to those in the standard set of symbols available in the gCADPlus library.

plant symbols This movie provides a step-by-step description of how to make a new generic plant symbol for gCADPlus such that the symbol works in the same manner as the standard symbols in gCADPlus.

The figure below provides a standard framework for creating a new symbol.

Download the actual drawing file.

Let’s extend this idea further

Instead of making every new symbol the same canopy diameter, the team at AWLandscape Design has created a series of landscape symbols that are sized for use in typical jobs.

plant symbols  How to make a new plant symbol with the ‘look and feel’ of a particular species – in this case, Dillwyllia cinerascens, such that it is ready for use in future gCADPlus landscape design projects. We set up appropriate layer names and use an image of the species in the flower to assist in creating the symbol with filled polylines.

A symbol for Dillwynia cinerascens