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YouTube movie We introduce new users to gCADPlus by building a simple design for a courtyard. New users are encouraged to start with the default template and use the distance command in the drawing editor (with its dark coloured background) and measure the space available for a new design. We turn on the polar switch in the status line so lines can be drawn orthogonal (and at 45 degrees) to each other. Three lines are drawn with accurate lengths by typing the required distances and then joined using a command found on an editing menu activated by clicking the right mouse button. This action forms a courtyard wall and its width set using the offset command. We begin to dress up the developing design by importing one of the pre-drawn plant symbols in the gCADPlus library and view the result as it would appear on an architectural C size sheet. The take home lesson is that most design and drafting work in done in model space (with its dark background) while layout space is used to print the design.