Manage layers in complex CAD drawings

There are occasions when designers working with landscape drawings face the daunting task of manipulating many layers. it is possible for layers to be turned on or off, locked, color and linetype adjusted, etc.

The layer command calls up the dialog box shown below.

Layer dialog

Note the LayerStates option at the top of the dialog box next to the red cross (delete) button. As described in the movie below, this is a most valuable tool for handling layers in complex drawings.

YouTube movie This movie shows a detailed landscape design for a large, sloping, suburban site (shown below). The drawing contains information on more than 80 different layers and we offer some suggestions to make managing the display of various layer combinations much easier. Because there were a substantial number of large trees on the site, we demonstrate one method that can be used to create a new symbol such that details of new construction at ground level can be seen through the upper canopy.