Line command

A line consists of two points: a start point and an endpoint. A series of lines can be connected, but each line segment is considered a separate line entity.

YouTube movie The line command.

Print fixed scale This movie discusses various methods of drawing lines.

To draw a line

Do one of the following:

  • Choose Draw > Line from the Draw drop down menu.
  • On the Draw toolbar, click the Line tool.
  • Type line and then press Enter. Just type, no need to click in the Command area.
  • Type L and press Enter

Specify the start point, then specify the endpoint. Hit enter or right click to finish.

Coordinate entry

You can input coordinates in the command line the same way as is done in AutoCAD:
To use a coordinate to specify a point, enter an X value and a Y value separated by a comma (X,Y).
To specify a relative coordinate, precede the coordinate with an @ symbol.
For example, the coordinate @3,4 specifies a point 3 units along the X axis and 4 units along the Y axis from the last point specified.
To enter a polar coordinate, enter a distance and an angle separated by an angle bracket (<).
For example, to specify a point that is at a distance of 1 unit from the previous point and at an angle of 45 degrees, enter @1<45.
By default, angles increase in the counterclockwise direction and decrease in the clockwise direction.
To move clockwise, enter a negative value for the angle. For example, entering 1<315 is the same as entering 1<-45.
Polar coordinates are either absolute (measured from the origin) or relative to the previous point.
To specify a relative coordinate, precede the coordinate with an @ symbol.