Lighting for gardens is best installed during the planning phase, especially if mains power is required for particular lamps. Here is a palette of CAD lighting symbols  suitable for landscape designers who wish to design lighting layouts. Click on the image to download a set of symbols that can be used to show a lighting plan in a gCADPlus drawing. Note that the symbols are schematic and are used to indicate the type and position of a lamp. They are not drawn actual size in the lighting plan.

CAD Lighting symbols

The most suitable type of lighting in your lighting plan will depend on the area to be lit:

  • soft lighting in the lawn, near the flowerbeds, hedges or plants
  • more intense in areas for entertaining,
  • medium intensity to light up walkways.

Spotlights might be used for hedges, swimming pools or walkways and specimen species, softer lamps for enclosed structures such as patios and summer houses.

 This small movie shows how to download a palette of add extra symbols to gCADPlus and use in a developing design.

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