Library files missing under CrossOver

We have had reports that library files are missing and although gCADPlus installation appears to run smoothly and can be registered with your user name and activation code, not all features of gCADPlus are available. Plant symbols missing from the gCADPlus library.

The most likely explanation for this is that your computer contains an old copy of gCADPlus that has not been completely removed. When gCADPlus runs under these conditions, although it is possible to create new drawings etc. with the new installation, gCADPlus gets confused by the presence of these extra files and cannot locate its own set of symbol library files, templates etc.

The figure below shows an example, even though the gCADPlus uninstall program had been used to remove the application and the CrossOver bottle containing gCADPlus was removed, some old support files for gCADPlus ­were still present in the Apple iCloud drive.

Missing library symbols in gCADPlus

If you are having problems of this type with gCADPlus, it is a good idea to search for and remove remnants of old gCADPlus installation to the Mac trash container before installing a fresh copy of gCADplus.

The simplest way to find these files (after running the gCADPlus uninstall program and deleting the gCADPlus bottle) is to use the Mac Finder and search for gCADPlus. You might find that a considerable number of old gCADPlus files are present in your iCloud drive. If gCADPlus files or folders are present, send them to trash.

Once that’s done, you need to run the appropriate gCADPlus setup file. This file can be obtained from the downloads page of the gCADPlus web site ( Once downloaded (as a .zip file), unzipping takes place automatically and the gCADPlus setup exe file will be found in your downloads folder. Check it using the Mac Finder application.

Library files missing

Follow the recommendation published here ( to install gCADPlus in the Crossover environment.

A clue that the new installation has provided a good clean install can be found as the setup file runs. You will see a note that gCADPlus data in the documents folder is being initialized.