Learn CAD

The links below are designed to help learn to use gCADPlus by taking new gCADPlus users from no drafting knowledge to the production of a finished design.

The page ‘Rear garden‘ covers a design and construct job for a rear garden. It assumes no prior CAD knowledge. The design features a raised entertaining area, small grass lawn, vegetable plot etc. This project is suitable for employees of landscape construction firms who might wish to increase their design capability.

The page ‘Complete site from a mud map -metric‘ covers the preparation for a concept plan for the rehabilitation of a rear garden. The designer has had no prior CAD experience and wanted a step by step guide on how to transfer his ‘mud map’ design’ into a CAD drawing.

The page ‘Complete site USA‘ shows the development of a landscape design for a large garden, both front, and rear. The base unit here is decimal feet, but we show how dimensions can be shown as feet and inches.

The page ‘Graduate from hand drafting‘ provides a gentle introduction to landscape CAD if you have long been used to drafting by hand.

This page provides an introduction to the use of gCADPlus on a Mac.

The page ‘Landscape productivity tips‘ assumes that you have used gCADPlus for some time and want to improve drafting efficiency.

This link provides learning opportunities for arborists.

If you require one-on-one learning support please check out this link.