Landscape Design

The links here provide a structured learning course for budding landscape designers. The first part of the course is designed to show how landscape designers go about their business while the latter part is focused on assisting landscape designers who are moving from hand drafting to drafting with a computer.

Becoming a landscape designer

Building an online presence

Meeting clients

Build a portfolio

Site survey

Equipment needed

Measure sites

Drafting landscape plans

Benefits of CAD drafting

From hand drafting to CAD drafting

Using CAD software

Drafting a real job – rear garden with retaining wall – metric environment

Drafting a real job – rear garden USA Imperial

Create a design from a mud map

Design objectives

Design in 2D but think 3D

Vertical and horizontal planes

Paving patterning and perception

Designs based on the underlying geometry

Allocating spaces


Examples of landscape designer’s work

The images below show some gardens by landscape designers.

Preliminary reading – the history of landscape design

Build your own library of reference books.

A list of some to help you get started.

Gardens Through the Ages

Roy Strong,

Landscaping with Australian Plants

Glenn Wilson, 1975. Published by Thomas Nelson (Australia Limited), SBN 17 –1991 8

Birdscaping Your Garden

George Martin Adams, Published by Rigby, 1980, ISBN 0 7270 1367