Broadscale irrigation

Cut drafting time for irrigation design using a custom palette of blocks.  Load the palette when designing for large sites and choose from a collection of appropriately sized symbols for control valve, controllers, water supply, pipe work and sprinklers etc. The figure below shows a design for a site 2,200 meter square that uses this symbol set.

The palette is designed for larger jobs and is geared to enable quantity take offs.

YouTube movie This movie shows how to use the palette to extract quantities of irrigation piping and other materials from irrigation designs created using gCADPlus. In this design, the ADDUPLENGTH command is used to isolate and total the length of PVC piping. The specialist gCADPlus tool for extracting block data is then used to pass symbol data to spreadsheets such as Excel for further manipulation.

Download the palette

This palette is part a of a series that can extend the functionality of gCADPlus.  Each palette is a single drawing file containing many individual symbol. Click on the link above below to download a single gCADPlus file containing symbols for commercial irrigation designs (large sites).

This small movie shows how to download a palette of extra symbols to gCADPlus and use them in a developing design.

Once downloaded, then use the BLOCKS command (or File > Insert) to browse to the file location and insert the drawing (or symbols within the drawing) into your current design. Alternatively, select the File drop menu, Insert and then Insert Block.

Tip: Choose the explode option if you want each symbol immediately available.

Using irrigation symbols

Irrigation lines are color coded for size and on carefully coded layer names. We have also included joiners and junction symbols matched to pipe diameter.

Tip: Most users insert these symbols in model space (or in addition in a legend in the drawing sheet title block).

Tip: If a symbol is not quite to your liking, it can be edited ‘on the fly’ by selecting the symbol, right clicking and selecting edit block.

Small scale irrigation projects

Symbols for smaller scale domestic use.