Add a set of irrigation symbols to gCADPlus.

Rather than adding more and more symbols (blocks) to the gCADPlus setup file and making it unwieldy, we have developed a series of palettes. Each is a single drawing file containing many individual symbols. The link below can be used to enhance your copy of gCADPlus by adding new symbols for perennial species. Click on the image to download a single gCADPlus file. Then use the BLOCKS command (or File > Insert) to browse to the file location and insert the drawing (or symbols within the drawing) into your current design.

Simply click the image and download a CAD file ready for gCADPlus. Then use the BLOCKS command, select “add from another file” and browse to your downloaded file. Alternatively, select the File drop menu, Insert and then Insert Block.

Tip: Choose the explode option if you want each symbol  immediately available.

Irrigation Symbols

Irrigation Symbols

Using irrigation symbols

Insert symbols in model space or on layout sheets. If a symbol is not quite to your liking, it can be edited by selecting the symbol, right clicking and selecting edit block.

Want to add more symbols to your copy of gCADPlus?