Install CrossOver and gCADPlus

Here is a list of steps detailing how to install gCADPlus on a Mac using the CrossOver Windows emulator ready to run gCADPlus.

1. Installing Crossover

Use your browser to search for and download and install the demo version of CrossOver on your Mac.

Here is the link to the CrossOver home page ready to download a trial version of CrossOver.

Once installed and activated, the CrossOver icon now shows on the strip at the bottom of the screen. Your icon will look different from the one below as CrossOver 2022 is now at version 21 and sports a different logo.

2. Download gCADPlus

Here is the link to a web page where you can download a copy of the appropriate gCADPlus setup file. Choose either the Imperial (USA) or metric version of gCADPlus. The downloaded setup file file will usually be stored in the Mac downloads folder. You can check its location using the Finder tool on the Mac.

Install gCADPlus on a Mac under CRossOver

Tip: Make sure that you select the correct version of gCADPlus. We have a version for the use in the USA where the Imperial decimal feet is needed and a metric version where the base unit is mm.

3. Install gCADPlus on Mac under CrossOver

The next step is to install the free trial version of gCADPlus so you can test it to see if it meets your needs.

Tip: If you have a user name and activation code, use these during the installation process. It is also possible to register gCADPlus at a later stage.

Metric version

gCADPlus on Macs  This movie shows how to download the gCADPlus setup file and store it in the Mac Finder downloads folder. We then set up a new CrossOver ‘bottle’ and Install the metric version of gCADPlus into a Windows 7 bottle on a Mac running Crossover.

Step 1. Download the gCADPlus setup file from the downloads page. It is usual to store the file in the downloads folder.

Step 2. Start CrossOver and select “Install a Windows Application”. Some time may elapse while the install scripts update. Type the name of your installation (gCADPlus). Even though the word gCADplus shows in the box and is highlighted, select Unlisted application gCADPlus.

Step3. Choose the second tab “Select Installer” and select Choose Installer File. Navigate to the downloads folder and select your recently downloaded file. Select “Install and Finish”. Launch gCADPlus in demo mode.

USA (Imperial) version

gCADPlus on Macs Here is a small movie showing how to install the USA version of gCADPlus running on Macs using Crossover*.

Covering both USA (Imperial) and metric versions

gCADPlus on Macs This movie first shows how to install the Imperial (USA) version of gCADPlus into the CrossOver environment. A script file developed by the support staff at CrossOver is used. In the latter part of the movie we show how to install the metric version of gCADPlus into a Windows 10 bottle. In both cases we use the trial (demo) version of gCADPlus to get a feel for the way that the software works in our Mac environment.

Remember, a free version of most Windows emulators is available to trial, so install one first, then install gCADPlus and run it in demo mode first before purchasing gCADPlus. We want you to be completely comfortable with gCADPlus on your Mac before spending any money.

About the Crossover trial

Crossover offers a free, fully-functional 14-day trial of CrossOver Mac. The free trial of CrossOver Mac takes about one minute to download. Your trial period begins as soon as you launch CrossOver the first time.

When your free trial ends CrossOver will stop working, but any Windows programs like gCADPlus you’ve installed or run during the trial are still there. Once you purchase a CrossOver license you can remove the trial timer and continue using your Windows software on your Mac. If you decide to buy gCADPlus, there is no need to reinstall it, just enter your chosen user name and activation code. These will be contained in an email as soon as you have purchased gCADPlus.

Tip: if you cannot find the email, please check in your email junk or spam folders. Contact us for any issues on or