Improving the use of MTEXT

Setting a fixed height text style can make the use of the MTEXT command when landscape drafting a lot easier. Here in a design by a Scandinavian landscape designer we set a new style with a height of 150 units. Once that style is made current because any text placed into the MTEXT editor is automatically placed in the drawing at an appropriate 150 units high obviating the need to change text height manually.

We also show that the same approach where dimension styles are concerned, makes it easy to find a dimensioning style that meets changing needs in a drawing of ‘details’.

Fixed height text style

YouTube movie This movie shows how to set up a text style with fixed height such that the MTEXT command works in a much smoother way. MTEXT entities do not require as much editing. In a similar way, drafting efficiency can be improved by creating a series of named dimension styles.