Click on the link below to download a copy of the gCADPlus user guide.

gCADPlus User Guide

** Some browsers may not display the guide properly or allow the interactive movie links. Please right-click on the downloaded display, save the PDF to a local drive, and then use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it and check out movies. **

Shades of Green

The guide is divided into a number of chapters. A list of links to individual chapters is set out below.

1. Getting to know gCADPlus – a brief introduction to the gCADPlus interface.

2.  Draw with gCADPlus – a focus on using the draw commands in gCADPlus. Learn CAD by designing a logo and complete a small design.

3Using entity snaps to aid precision -accurately place new design information by building on existing geometry.

4. Handling text in landscape drawings. Using CAD and Windows text.

5. Modifying designs – using various editing commands.

6. Managing lineweights – improving the presentation of landscape drawings by varying line thickness.

7. Managing linetypes – adding lines with different characteristics to provide emphasis.

8. Managing layout space – printing drawings from layout space. Print to fixed scales.

9Automating drafting tasks – using tools on the gCADPlus drop-down menu for automated drafting.

10. The Tools menu – using specialist drafting tools and settings.

11. Apply dimensions to hardscape elements

12.  List of commands  – in alphabetic order; includes embedded links to YouTube movies.

Free E-book: Landscape design and CAD  (provides an overview of the use of CAD software in landscape design).