gCADPlus to AutoCAD

Most of the queries we receive about data transfer between AutoCAD and gCADPlus involve taking AutoCAD files and placing into gCADPlus to use as a base plan. Occasionally, we get a request to go the other way. You may well be working with an architect who wants to place one of your drawings in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD has been around for a very long time. Each year a new version is released and the file format used by AutoCAD (dwg) changes. That means someone using AutoCAD 2010 cannot open a drawing from a designer using AutoCAD 2019. This regular change to dwg is possibly motivated by Autodesk’s wish to sell more AutoCAD licences!

The file format used by gCADPlus is lcd. It is a compressed format and gCADPlus files are much smaller and load faster that AutoCAD dwg files. Lcd files will not load directly into AutoCAD.

The safest way to send gCADPlus information to an AutoCAD user is to use a drawing exchange format developed by Autodesk called DXF. Every version of AutoCAD can open a DXF file so there is no need to worry about the AutoCAD version the recipient of the file is using.

Simply select File > DXF Tools > and choose DXFout

Tip: Autodesk provide a free application called TrueView that can be used to test your conversion before sending the file off. Here is an image showing a DXF file exported from gCADPlus in the TrueView environment. Once the DXF has been shown to load correctly in TrueView, you can send your drawing to the recipient.