gCADPlus fonts

Text entities in gCADPlus drawings are created using different font types. These fonts can be true CAD fonts such gCADPlus fonts, AutoCAD SHX fonts or Windows fonts. The actual text entity is created using the TEXT, MTEXT or WTEXT command and is drawn in a style dictated by the current text style. Several text styles are built into gCADPlus and are called standard, simplex, complex and mono. These styles cannot be removed.

Tip: Most landscape designers want to give their drawings a particular ‘look and feel’ by selecting one of the hand drawn gCADPlus fonts shown below.

Creating a text style

From the Format drop down window, it is possible to create new styles using a font chosen from quite a long list. The figure below shows the gCADPlus TextStyles Manager and the CAD font simplex currently associated with a style called Style1. A Windows font Garamond also appears in the list its distinctive blue and black TT icon. The green tick shows the text style (standard in this case) that’s currently in operation – in this case it’s Style1.