gCADPlus landscape design software contains many features that can be used to automate repetitive tasks such as:

  • Generating plant schedules by automatically counting the number and type of plant species used in a design,
  • Presenting the plant schedule in several different forms,
  • Extracting costings from a design,
  • Calculating the number of ground cover species required to cover a space,
  • Automating the labeling of symbols for individual species,
  • Substituting one species for another,
  • Inserting images of plant species used in a design,
  • Incorporating Google maps/Earth images and other aerial site data directly into CAD drawings,
  • Adding extra value to design work by adding ‘extended data’ to entities for both ‘hardscape’ and ‘softscape’ data,
  • Extracting data to spreadsheets for further manipulation.

In addition, with gCADPlus it is possible to:

  • Utilize an extensive symbol library – choosing from hundreds of softscape and hardscape symbols
  • Create landscape design plans on any size sheet at any scale. Plans can include plants, paving stones, ground cover grass, mulching and more for a quantity take-off.

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About gCADPlus

gCADPlus (aka GardenCAD Plus, gCAD Plus, gcad) is based on some earlier software called GardenCAD, a tool developed for groups of landscape design students at a local college. We now have users in many countries. gCADPlus was developed by three designers – two in Australian and one in the USA who were long term AutoCAD users. They saw the need for a modestly priced landscape tool that used AutoCAD command and was focused on landscape design.

Development of gCADPlus is a labor of love – every dollar raised from sales is used to pay programmers to improve and add features to the software. The first version of gCADPlus was published in 2012. There have been > 70 versions released in that time, each adding features requested by users. We do not charge for upgrades. The current version of gCADPlus is 10.2.

We encourage you to visit the downloads page of this web site, download and try gCADPlus. There is no obligation to purchase.