Error exporting to SketchUp

 A gCADPlus user was faced with a ‘ Group Code’ error when exporting a gCADPlus design as a DXF to SketchUp Pro. The base for the drawing came from an architect who was working in AutoCAD 2019. We show that by switching off some layers, copying just the information needed into a new gCADPlus drawing, it was possible to overcome the group code error and get the required data to SketchUp ready to build a landscape model. One or more entities on a single layer was causing the error.

Haven’t found it yet, but when we do, we will alter the DXFout command to deal with it in a future release of gCADPlus.

Postscript: The problem described here lies in a layer in the original drawing called Hatching. That layer did not include any hatching at all; just a few pieces of MTEXT and a number of hidden attributes. AutoCAD use attributes in a similar way that we use replaceable text in title blocks. gCADPlus can import DXF files containing attributes and (as in this case they are hidden from view) loads a drawing, but failure to export a DXF to SketchUp identifies a problem in our DXFout command -it does not handle hidden attributes. That’s about as subtle an issue that we have ever faced! We will hopefully fix it in a future release of gCADPlus.