The EXPLODE command in gCADPlus allows conversion of complex objects to their constituent parts. Explode can be used on a number of entities.

  • Text characters in both text and multi-line entities can be converted to individual lines and arcs.
  • Polylines can be broken into short line segments.
  • Hatches can be broken up into many short line segments,
  • Dimensions and Leaders cannot be exploded.
  • Blocks can be broken into their component parts.

Just because it is possible to explode an entity, it doesn’t mean that we should. Repair can often be difficult and time consuming. Lines and arcs can be converted back to polylines with the join command (useful for areas and lengths), but hatches cannot be so easily repaired and as a rule, should never be exploded.

Tip: Put hatching on a separate layer (L-HATCH) and if hatch is inadvertently exploded, simply isolate that layer and erase all the hatch elements before starting again.