USA dimension style

CAD landscape drawings created in gCADPlus are constructed full size. This means that any enquiry of a design (in model space) will give meaningful values. Construction teams need properly dimensioned drawings to implement the work. In the USA, while a design will be drawn in decimal feet, dimensions are best displayed in feet and inches.

Here we show how to display dimensions in feet and inches.

Dimensions in feet and inches

Imperial dimensions This movie shows how to apply both linear and aligned dimensions in a landscape drawing. We make adjustments to text location, offset distance away from the dimension line origin etc. We show how to control the display of dimensions in the USA environment where there is a need to display a dimension in both feet and inches.

Click here to download a block that contains the dimension style used for Imperial dimensioning shown in the figure above. Update your current choice of dimension styles by inserting the block into your drawing. Imperial dimension style is then available.

Here is another movie that shows how to adjust dimension styles.