Corrupt files

On rare occasions users send us copies of files that are problematic. The gCADPlus file can sometimes get corrupted.

Here is series of steps we take to deal with these files.

Assuming that you have tried to recover from a backup or autosave file and these reclaimed files show the same error,

  1. Use File >SaveAs and choose DXF file format.

Tip: Give the new DXF a different name to the original drawing.

2. The close and restart gCADPlus and open the new DXF copy.

Tip: Use change files of type to select DXF, not the name of the original [problem] file.

3. Save the file in the native lcd format and continue working on it. [It may well be somewhat larger than the original file]

Tip: Don’t forget to use the Increment and Save feature at regular intervals.