Copy along line

Multiple instances of symbols can be placed on an entity such as an arc, polyline etc. Examples of this approach can be seen in the image below. This task of placing large numbers on entities on an entity can be automated using the gCADPlus copyalongline command. This option is available on the gCADPlus drop menu and is versatile enough to be used in a number of ways. It takes any block symbol and stamps multiple instances of it along the entity at any nominated spacing distance.

Multiple instances

In the example above, the designer of this food garden has set up a circular array of lines emanating from a water feature and used the copyalongline command to place multiple instances of symbols representing vegetables. Here ten different vegetable symbols were used and these will later be tagged to entries in the associated plant database file.


Image files Here we show how to set the background fill colour for a design for a kitchen garden and then use the copy along a line option from the gCADPlus drop menu to quickly populate the garden area with formal planting of different vegetables.

Image files  This movie shows how to use the copy along line command to add a weld to a mesh grid covering a gabion.

Multiple instances of symbols

Image files Using the grid and copy along line tools to make a better version of a gabion column symbol.