Copse tool

Graphic elements in landscape plans sometimes need simplification. If that’s the case, use the copse command. You might for example have developed a concept plan for a site using quite strong symbols as shown below.

Use the copse command

Heavy overlapping plantings used here can be reduced by the COPSE command to a series of part circles with a marker. Here the impact of the red symbols indicating sapling ash trees in the lower part of the figure has been reduced using the copse tool.

Here the impact of the red symbols indicating the sapling ash species and one of the Viburnum symbols at the lower left of the design has been reduced to a circle or part circle and merged using the copse tool.

Tip: It is a good idea to run the automated plant schedule tool before using the copse command because the association between the original symbol and the accompanying plane database file (the attached gcp file) will be lost in this operation. 


YouTube movie We take a group of packed plant symbols that was threatening to overpower a design and simplify them in one easy step.

Practical demonstration

YouTube movie There are times when there’s a need to reduce the graphic impact of a design. Instead of laboriously editing individual symbols, it is possible to use the copse command to do that in a single operation. Here we take a design for the rehabilitation of a wetland alongside a path in a national park reserve. This movie based on an original idea by Michael Vosbergen, who is very knowledgeable about Australian native species who has been a gCADPlus user since 2019.