gCADPlus is user-driven software. Each new release adds features suggested by gCADPlus landscape designers. There have been more than 70 releases of gCADPlus since version 1.0 in 2006. Updates are free of charge. The current release (2021) is version 10.6.

Reach us via the gCADPlus Facebook page  or email us at

If you require support with some aspect of landscape CAD designing with gCADPlus that’s not covered here or in the user guide (use Search as a first step), please try the application help file (press F1), the Facebook page ( or YouTube (type gCADPlus in the search box). If those resources do not answer your question, send us an email ( Please attach a copy of your drawing file (make sure it is an lcd file, not a PDF) and send it to us as an attachment. We will try and answer your query, usually by making a short movie. Others benefit from movies and we like to post these movies on the gCADPlus Facebook page. If you do not want your movie published, please tell us in the email requesting support.