Change the base point of a block

Blocks are used extensively in landscape CAD drawings. A block is a collection of entities combined to form a single entity. Using blocks saves much space in the drawing database.

Each block in gCADPlus will have a defined base point and, when making a block, that point should be placed at a convenient position – in the center of a plant symbol, at the edge of a paver, etc. Occasionally, you may need to change the position of the base point. Here we provide advice on how to do just that.

To change the base point of a block in gCADPlus, you can follow these steps:

1. Select the block that you want to edit.

2. Right-click on the block and choose “Edit” from the context menu.

3. This will enable you to move the entities that constitute the block (sometimes referred to as a group) to a new base point.

4. Make sure that grips are turned on to see and manipulate the entities.

5. Additionally, tick the option in the blocks dialog box to show the base point for effective use of this technique.

Tip: Please note that there is no specific command to directly change the base point of a block in gCADPlus. Instead, you need to edit the block and move the entities as a group to the desired base point in the block editor “