CAD drawing crashes

YouTube movie In this movie, we discuss some ‘crash’ issues a user is experiencing while using gCADPlus landscape design. At random intervals, gCADPlus shuts down with the loss of editing changes. Here are some tips from the movie that might help you avoid crashes in the future: The following text discusses some issues that a user experienced while using gCADPlus landscape design software. The software was crashing randomly, causing the user to lose their editing changes. The text provides some tips that can help users avoid future crashes:

1. Check the size of your drawing: Drawings that are unstable are often over 1000 kb in size. To check the size of your drawing, use the option on the File menu. Typically, gCADPlus landscape drawings are around 250 kb in size.

2. Remove any floating block symbols: Use the Zoom Extents option to check that no ‘floating’ block symbols are placed outside the landscape site’s boundaries. Removing these symbols is necessary as zoom and pan operations can be confused by them.

3. Purge unwanted block symbols: Ensure that the design file does not carry unwanted block symbols. Use the purge tool to remove these blocks, layers, and other entities that are not required. After removing them, check the file size again; you may be surprised at how much it reduces.

4. Pay attention to the use of ‘named’ plant symbols. These symbols are designed to give a realistic impression of a particular plant species and are necessarily larger than standard symbols. In the user’s case, two of the 16 symbols were taken from the ‘named’ plant symbol set stored in the gCADPlus library. One of the symbols used to indicate Choisia ternata was greater than 250kb, and its presence contributed significantly to the total file size. After replacing it with a symbol from the standard plant library, the drawing file size was much reduced.

5. In a further twist, the same symbol was used to indicate a Magnolia species in an accompanying plant database file, which added further confusion.