Australian Native Species

The set of symbols for particular Australian native species shown below is available for download. Click the image below to download the file.

Rather than add more and more symbols (blocks) to the gCADPlus setup file and make it unwieldy, we have developed a series of palettes that allow extra symbols to be added to gCADPlus. The link below allows you to download a single gCADPlus. Once downloaded, use the BLOCKS command (or File > Insert) and then the browse option to locate the new file and insert it while working on your current design.

Tip: These symbols are quite elaborate and may cause the file size of your drawing to increase substantially. Calothamnus, E. kruseana and E. preissiae are quite large files.

It is a good idea to explode the incoming drawing so you can immediately use the new symbols. Drag them into position and scale if required.

 This small movie shows how to download a palette of add extra symbols to gCADPlus and use in a developing design.