Applying dimensions to landscape plans

Applying dimensions to landscape plans can sometimes be a tricky process, especially for designers moving from hand drafting to computer drafting. The figure below shows an example of dimensions shown in a design for a series of multi-level decks.

linear dimensions

Image files Here is a general overview of applying dimensions to landscape plans.

This example in the movie comes from the USA where the unit of measure is decimal feet. The principles are the same when working in the metric environment.

Image files We take a design for a raised deck and apply linear dimensions to produce a drawing for the construction crew.

About dimensioning landscape designs

Landscape plans are drawn full size in gCADPlus software. It is possible to apply dimensions to entities in the drawing taking the dimension value directly from the CAD model. This is a difficult concept for designers who are new to CAD drafting. We aim to let the software do the hard work, not the other way around.

In the movie, entity snaps are used to precisely position a linear dimension. Once placed, the appearance of the dimension is improved by fine-tuning the dimension style by reducing text height and moving text closer to the dimension line.  If it is necessary to adjust the position of lines, we show that the ORTHO switch allows for that without altering the dimension value.

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