Add a new viewport to a layout

Adding viewports

When a new layout is created (using the layout tool on the format drop menu), a floating viewport is automatically created displaying the whole design. It is possible to display any part of the design in model space in this space, usually by double clicking inside the floating viewports, switching to model space and arranging a new view. Most often, the whole or part of the design is displayed in the page, but there is often a need to add extra viewports to the sheet. For example, to display a plant schedule alongside the design proper.

The movie below shows how that’s done, but in short, right click on the layout tab at the bottom of the drawing editor and choose “Add Viewport”.

 This movie shows how to add a new (and additional) viewport to a layout page.

Add viewport to layout

 Tip: The viewport is drawn in the current color and located on the current layer. 

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